Hell with education! Let’s play!

When I look at very young kids, just at the beginning of kindegarten (3-4 years old), I just love it. They play, they invent, they communicate and they have a lot of fun together. The less oppressive the place is the more inventive children are. It’s obvious. So why do parents want their offspring to learn at kindergarten? What do we get from it? Are kids brighter, better prepared for life? Why do we lower the school readiness age? If children start to learn in the kindergarten almost the way they do at school so maybe there shouldn’t be any kindergartens left?

Contemporary schools are not the way we imagine them to be. According to many observations and statistics pupils are not more creative, imagination doesn’t help at nowaday schools. In many schools the ‘out-of-the-box’ students are treated at least as uncomfortable. So my question is: why don’t we let our children have fun, for longer and better?

My son is 10 years old. He is very imaginative. He also used to be a happy guy. But that was at kindergarten, when he could play. Now he’s at school and it changed. A lot. He’s the happiest when inventing things with friends during breaks, at home or outdoor. He’s not into maths or some other subjects. Well, maybe he’s not taught the perfect way. But what he really wants is to play, play and play.  So why not let him develop at his own pace? Why not let him develop his own talents?

I hereby postulate an absolute lack of necessity to learn in kindergartens. In my opinion kids need to (a) play, (b) interact with each other and with grown-ups, (c) learn how to solve conflicts and problems, and (d) cooperate in tasks. Usually, at least in Poland and countries that I know of, children never learn (I don’t mean casual situations) how to deal with hard situations. The further you move in your education the less chances to know how to solve interpersonal clashes you get.

I don’t think societies need asocial people. People who are unable to communicate, cannot solve conflicts and work in groups.

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