My Ecogenomics

My research is focused on linking the ecology of species to their genome content. I mainly study bacterial and fungal genomes. I’m also involved in studies of protein sequences.

My Education

My education is focused on regular teaching and on open education. The ultimate goal is citizen science.


My name is Marcin Grynberg and I’m currently the senior research assistant at The Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Warsaw, Poland.


Prokaryotic pathogenesis

Description of metabolism of species is an ultimate goal to understand the ecology of species at the molecular level. The usual problem that scientists face is the inability to describe/annotate a large set of such systems, even if we know a specific function should be represented in a genetic pool of the species. My goal is to describe such missing systems.


Fungal plasticity

Fungi are organisms with versatile and flexible genomes. They are able to survive in most peculiar environments and are able to adapt to changing conditions. This is why we decided to study the mobilomes of fungi. Our recent data show a plethora of mobile elements in fungi and a never-ending metastability between stability and dynamics of fungal genomes.


Comparative functional genomics: case studies

I collaborate with experimental biology laboratories, bringing expertise in comparative and functional analysis of proteomes.



Marcin Grynberg

Pawinskiego 5A; 02-106 Warszawa; POLAND

mail: mr.cingg [at]



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